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My name is Jeanette

My favorite crayon in the box has always been Periwinkle. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t thought of myself as an artist, and my life has always reflected my creative nature. I had the best 70’s childhood a girl could ask for, which meant playing outside in the California sunshine, often up in a wild and wonderful treehouse. All the while, I loved to make art, and my parents were quick to provide “real” art supplies, to my heart’s great delight.


I studied Humanities in college (hooray for the chance to study art history and learn how to really think!) and my husband and I were lucky enough to raise our four children in Northern California. While I have always been elbow deep in some type of creative pursuit, it wasn’t until later in life that I put down my first stroke of oil paint. When I am painting, I feel a peace and a stillness in my mind that I don’t feel any other way. I love the tactile feel of charcoal on paper, the sumptuous, buttery texture of oil paint, and the challenge and reward of creation.


Fine art connects us all with the best that is in us. 

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